Who thought swimming could be soooo good!


Started back on MVF after a long time away accumulating weight and thought I needed to do more than just watch what I put in my stomach if I was to make sure any success would be sustainable this time.

Joined the local healthclub in January and started swimming. Not sure of the length of the pool but probably only 10m or so. Anway in a 30 minute swim I was doing 20 lengths at the start of my current MVF group and by the end of it I am double that level and hitting an average of 200 lengths a week. I am a pretty crap swimmer so I have to put a lot of effort in , but hey the benefits are worth it.

I am in the water more than Aquaman these days but loving it. Has definately made me fitter (and trimmer)


Hey @GaryT! I did the same thing recentyly and really love it. I signed up for 7 lessons with a swim coach and it has really been a great experience. I was not bad before, but only knew what to do from YouTube. Actually, check out SwimToFly on Youtube. He has really good instruction for all levels.

Bryan B


Hi @GaryT and @bbats I have been thinking of trying this but I cannot swim , but I guess I can learn, thanks for info @bbats and good to see you plugging away my hats off to you buddy !!!


Amazing, well done! I love swimming, but haven’t done it for years. You have inspired me to at least have a look at a timetable to see if I could go to my local pool!


I think you’ll find it’s swimming cap @Lloyd_Nolan, swimming caps off to you @bbats !


Thanks for the heads up @bbats , I will give that a look


I love swimming. I live about 2.5 miles from the pool so for a time I had a morning routine of walking there, swimming for an hour and then walking back home (funny fact I can walk up to 5 miles at what I consider a decent pace and keep going without a break, but standing in one place for 20 mins will likely cause me to be unable to walk at all the next day). Really worked well although due to being over bouyant it was mostly arm strokes and then either leg excersies at the edge of the pool or walking widths, but it was agood workout… Plan to go back to it if I can get my legs healed up.


@tim Yes, mate, I concur. Swimming DEFINITELY helps you not only lose weight, but become healthier in the process.It was definitely responsible for assisting me with my 4 stones (Just over) weight loss. I am disabled too, and the body weight is taken on by the water, so it is something that I can definitely do


Huge well done on the 4 stones buddy.

I myself have a dodgy back and find that swimming is the best way to stretch me out and improve my core.

Agree also that water is the perfect place for someone with a disability. At my health club there are often people walking in the pool as a way of improving their mobility in a safe environment.