Who was the best fat footballer?

Mvf football starts tomorrow, I was mentally trying to put together a list of the best fat footballers. Who would make yours?

For me it has to be the Beast. I loved watching him for Stoke as he was always surprising the opposition by being a great footballer, but just not the fastest…

Fat Ronaldo
Grant holt
Andy Reid
Neville southall
Razor ruddock
That Akinfenwa fellow
Gazza (my hero)

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Got to be Brazilian Ronaldo. Didn’t he win the World Cup while fat?

Yep and still left many people standing !

Can I count myself in this ?? Stone Dominos centre half :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Big Nev for sure. But as a goalie I guess it’s less important.
I miss the days of fat cricketers too. David Boon, Merv Hughes, latter-day Botham… Small boys in the park, jumpers for stumps, hmm, isn’t it?

Yeah, a lot of games have changed as such that fitness is just as important if not more important than skill. Heck, on TV now they calculate how much each player has run during the course of a football game. I was surprised to see that when I watched football on TV in Europe a couple of months ago.

Has to be Jan Molby surely - pretty much played the entire game from the centre circle unless he was taking a penalty!


Fat doesn’t mean unfit - last year I managed to do 3km in 17min on the treadmill at 120kg with my belly flopping everywhere. I was knackered at the end but did it just to see if I could.


Jan Molby, one of the greatest players ever, played the game at his pace!

I model my game on him, i cant pass or shoot but i can walk around the centre circle kicking the ball occasionally.


Absolutely. I’ve often been struck by the oddity of fans chanting you fat bastard to a guy who is probably 10% body fat when they’re certainly 30% +.

I suppose it’s an issue of comparison. When you’re surrounded by professional sportsmen who’d make a whippet feel chunky then you’ll always suffer. Especially as football fans go for the jugular at all times (and especially at Stoke:)


“Fat” Frank Lampard?

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One for the northern purists

The might Boro had a forward in 70s called Alan Foggon . Fantastic player . If I told you his nickname was Fatty Foggon you would get the picture. We also had another rotund god in midfield Bobby Murdoch.

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I’d hesitate to call Akinfenwe fat, but he’s certainly a different, um, shape?

Indeed it is all relative.
A friend of mine, who is ridiculously fit and lean, managed to get on the GB team for the Triathlon Workd Champs a few years ago.
After the racing, there was a pool party. He kept his t-shirt on. I’m surprised he didn’t come home with an eating disorder too.

Exactly. Look at some of the defensive lineman in “American” football. They need the extra mass to stop a 300+ pound guy coming at them, but can sprint faster and change direction faster than a lot of other athletes.

Alan Foggon put on a lot of weight when he left the Toon for 'boro. Possibly environmentally related.

But, has nobody mentioned Frannie Lee? Or Micky Quinn

Clyde Best played for West Ham in the 70’s

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@Doctor_Bong… How very dare you!!

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Andy Goram
Charlie miller
Razor ruddock
Mark Quinn

He’s a machine.