Who's had a vasectomy? What's your view?

As per the title really! With the birth of our third child Matilda 15 months ago, we’re now at the point where adding another nipper to the mix would be terrifying! So, I’m looking at having the snip - wondering who else out there had had it done and what your views where? No photos please :smile:

Very simple process when I had mine done. I was rather concerned to discover it was done under local anesthetic as I was anticipating being knocked out! I did get an infection, that I won’t go into here, but obviously that can happen with any procedure.

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How long did it take?

booked in as day surgery, don’t think it was anymore than 20-minutes on the table, usually done under local but they can put you under if needed.
easier for them to do once you’ve shifted some lard.
veet yourself before you go, NHS razors are shite.
remember to get the Mrs to give you a hand with the aftercare :rofl:

Ah yes, forgot about that. That’s a must.

It wasn’t long (the surgery), as @CRS1965 said about 20 minutes. Mine was done as a keyhole operation.

My good lady went with me for moral support (or maybe to make sure I got it done, I’m not sure). Half way through the procedure I squeezed her hand really, really hard. She looked concerned and said ‘oh darling, did that hurt’. I said ‘no, just getting my own back’. Not sure if she’s forgiven me yet for that one.



Not sure I’d want my Mrs there. She’d just chat all the way through it!


My brother and brother in law both have had it done and ended up with balls like coconuts. (Not for life)
I managed to get to the day before mine and phoned and cancelled it after being told horror story’s about the size of the needle from the lads at work.

Good luck :wink:

But I think I’m right in saying that the needle doesn’t actually go into your nut does it? It’s the sack they numb, right?

I’ve had a done based on doctors instructions because my daughter’s birth was very rough and a more kids could be dangerous to my wife. Had it done just over 3 years ago and to be honest with you was very very simple.

I was there for an hour and a half the longest part was the wait afterwards for the anaesthetic to wear off and to see how I was feeling.

I was fully awake for the procedure chatting to the doctor and everything he showed me the little bits that he took out. I was also tempted to ask him if I can have a look at what he was doing it’s not very often you get to see the inside of your own body.

Jokes aside it didnt hurt me I was instructed to wear tight pants afterwards which I did for about 3 to 4 days no real pain no real swelling and everything was was pretty good.

Yeah that’s right it just numb the area that don’t numb your balls.

The bastards at my work told me it was a syringe the size they use to knock an elephant out and inject it into your balls and it’s a really sharp pain.

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I had it done, the procedure takes about 20 minutes and you have minor discomfort for a couple of days after. The worst part is the injection to numb the area. A short sharp pain but passes quickly

Still one of the most bizarre experiences of my life but absolutely the right thing to do for us.
At the time we’d done our bit for the world’s population with 6 kids between us(2 from each first marriage and 2 together) plus a number of miscarriages so the decision making process was pretty simple and that was actually the hardest part of the whole thing so I wouldn’t worry about it if you do decide to go ahead.
The procedure itself was done at a local surgery and took no time at all but I have often thought about writing a comedy sketch about it.
The doctor started by telling me what was going to happen and that the suggested recovery period included 48 complete rest so he wasn’t overly impressed when I told him I was driving 200 miles to North Wales straight afterwards…and he was bloody right too, it wasn’t my best idea but we had a week’s holiday booked so I thought I’d just relax when I got there!
The one thing I wasn’t ready for was the level of conversation that took place, we talked about “youfs of today” and anti-social behaviour, the current test match, motorway service stations as I was managing one of them at the time and then the nurse that was assisting told me that the bloke before me asked how he measured up compared to the other men she sees :laughing::laughing:
I will never forget hearing the doctor say “that rummaging around you can probably feel is just me getting everything in the right place” and thinking how much is there to get in place for God sake but the piece de resistance came when I looked down and saw a puff of smoke coming from my bollocks. That image will live with me until the day I die :blush:
That being said it was absolutely fine but anyone who has it done really should listen to the recovery advice. A couple of days after mine I had to drive back from North Wales to Leigh Delamere services on the M4 as it was August Bank Holiday weekend and one of the busiest days of the year. I set off at 5.30am, had all sorts of delays and arrived at 11.00am to the Operations Director telling me that the training manager was about 5 minutes away as he was going to do an audit of all our training paperwork etc. After my journey I was a little bit tender shall we say and all I could say to the training guy was "there’s the office, do what you will I’m not that interested in the results as I’ve got bollocks like oranges and am in agony!!"
Luckily the audit went well but I do remember not caring to be fair.

Hahaha! Never a good sign!


Overall it seems to be a bit extreme in comparison to the very small weight loss it might give.:grinning:


I had this done four year ago and its simple op, they inject into your sack to numb it, I didn’t feel a thing. I relax for two days no lifting or messing around and All I felt was dull ache on first day like you just caught your balls lol

Not sure if this is a MAN V FAT forum or an OK magazine one. . .:man_facepalming:

I can’t have been the only chap wincing reading some of those stories. . .

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Men talking about their testicles, nothing more natural.

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Had it done a few years ago.
Went to see the consultant, he asked if I was "taking one for the family?"
He then told me that he had a 6 month waiting list but had a slot the next day! Best thing too, no chance to change my mind again. And again. And…
Pre-Op stuff was simple. Do not veet a second time if you’ve missed a bit. Raw.
Op was easy, less than 30 minutes.
Post Op stuff was fine too. You need to make a couple of deposits to check that the swimming men are not getting through.
Buy a wheelbarrow to carry you nuts around in for the early days.
Removed my own stitches. Semi dissolving so not a show of how tough I am.
No more chemical birth control for my wife, much better for her.
Millions of brownie points. Millions.
We had lots of good reasons for it, I couldn’t find any against.