Why does no one respond to emails/FB message/calls?

Signed up Sunday, saw email Monday saying League was full and I’ll be in a queue until players drop out. I emailed Monday asking how far in the queue/how long I’ll wait, they opened the email and read it- NO REPLY. So I messaged on Facebook messenger the same message, they read it and again- NO REPLY. Just tried calling, was on hold for 5 minutes. I want my sign up fee back, F this BS

Quite self-explanatory? Now unless somebody has a crystal ball as to when somebody is going to drop out…

Hi, when you have registered onto a league, such as https://www.manvfatfootball.org/croydon - you will go into a waiting list. The coach can then call you back once they can allocate you into a team. Each team can have a maximum of 10 players, however teams could well be fully stocked at the present time.

Your coach will contact you once you have been selected as the next player to be assigned into a team.

Thanks for cherry picking the one part. What about the part where I find out how far down this list I am? The employees should be able to tell me that mystic Meg

They may be able to tell you how far down the list you are but would have no idea as to how long it would be until you are offered a place. Some leagues are not necessarily more popular than others, just that they cover more populated areas so are full. Also with some leagues once a players signs up they stay for at least a season and then may drop out, i would think mid-season drop outs are minimal although they do happen. Hope it isn’t too long before you get allocated a space.

What league was you trying to join ? If it’s a London league Lambeth has had a couple of drop outs

There was only one part, by your own admission you asked the same question in numerous locations. It’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ scenario. The length of the queue is irrelevant, some of them might have a hissy fit at not getting instant answers & ask for their money back, for example.