Win Men's Nike Flex Experience Trainers

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When you’re carrying extra weight and wanting to get into running it makes the choice of trainers critical. Quite simply, if you don’t have a quality shoe that supports your foot then you run the risk (no joking matter) of getting injured, which will only damage your ambitions for a healthier life.

MAN v FAT doesn’t want that for you, so got some Nike Flex Experience trainers to give away, quite simply because they work brilliantly, are uncomplicated and look great. If you’re looking for a trainer to start your fitness kick then this is the one.

So don’t just sit there - go win it!

Incredible Nike Trainers Giveaway

waits 4 hours for competition to open


Timer set ready

But let’s just cut the middle man and give me a size 10 - we all know I will win :laughing:

It’s called building the excitement guys, jeez, don’t you know anything about marketing?

[Also I forgot to set the time. Competition is now open…]


Entered as I really do need more trainers

Hahaha! You’ll need another house for them all soon.

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