Wirral league

Hi @aprmike

To boost your league’s numbers, I recommend reading this forum post - How can I help bring MAN v FAT Football to my area?

Also, here’s some flyers and posters you can use in your local area! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gkyam0kn9oe41xn/AACGR93ANHiPo17n9_tQdDg4a/Posters%20and%20flyers%20to%20share!?dl=0

One of many posts stating 30 is the required amount.

Been waiting around a year for the Wirral league to get up and running, patience is running out, thinking of quitting this now and finding something else, the nearest leagues to me aren’t really an option.

Anyone fancy just doing a five a side somewhere. We only need ten of us. We can arrange ourselves!


Sounds great, maybe you could set up a Facebook page or group?

I don’t do Facebook! Not had Facebook in years. I only have twitter

Signed up, where are we at? :sunglasses:

Just signed up this morning suppose that is another +1. Any updates on when this league may start, some people commenting saying they’ve waited a while.

Good luck. I doubt it will ever take off. They said 30 then it’s forty!!! Plus they want 10 per team to play 5 a side?!? Looks like not much game time🤨

How many do we have signed up now?