Work Workout, can you do it?


Hello all,

I’m considering picking up one of these for work use:

What I don’t know, is how helpful this would be to working out at your desk. Does anyone else use something similar? If so, how does it work for you?


I saw this. I wouldn’t mind it. I`ve read on similar products one problem can be the noise it can have (which you obviously would not want at work!)

This is the article I saw a while ago. Hope it helps mate


Does anyone use one of these?


Good idea but try and remember the reasons why you would like to prioritise your health! It is important so try and give it a portion of undivided attention :smiley:


I don’t understand, what are you trying to say?

The reason why I would want to do this, is because I just don’t have time to exercise druing my work week (wed. - sat.). Its not that I can put aside time but don’t want to, its that I have just enough time to get up, shower, run to work, then get home, eat something quickly, and hit the sack. If I take any time out of that free time (before or after work), I’m dropping below 6-8 hours of sleep. And I cannot function w/out sleep.

So being able to exercise while sitting at my desk would be amazing for me. According to the answers, the above device is very quiet. I would, ofc, ask my boss before bringing one in. But before I make that step, I want to make sure, something like this would work. Or is it just wasting time?


I see what you’re saying @mattig89ch. I misunderstood. Personally, I haven’t used one of these so I can’t give any feedback on the product! Make your days off from work count in the gym.


I actually looked into joining my local gym. My problem is they require banking information for billing purposes. Being involved with IT security, I know how easy it would be to commit identity fraud with just a account and routing number. Really, inside 2 hours you can get someone’s social, date of birth, address, ect. with social engineering.

So any gym that requires that is a no-go for me.

So, does anyone know anything about these devices?

Oh, and what exactly constitutes a good workout? Is it just getting your heart pumping?