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New to the forum but wanted to try and get some feedback and see if anyone has experience with exercise equipment? Been looking to see if I can find a treadmill for me and misses to start using at home. We both work desk jobs and have put on a bit of weight. I am looking at a few different treadmills, specifically the NordicTrack 1750. I have been reading reviews but I just wanted to get some feedback from people out there and see if anyone has used this machine? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Not used that one myself but it looks absolutely cracking though. At 1,600 pounds though you’d imagine it would be pretty decent!

My advice would be to rent it for a few months first. You can get some great deals and some top quality gear from places for a tenth of the 1600 which would tell you whether you and your wife are going to use it regularly enough to warrant the expenditure.

I’ve got a secret weapon as apparently a HUGE calorie burner…but as I’ve challenged as a guessing game on another post I’d be shooting myself in foot by giving it away here…all will be revealed in next day or so here @Good2SeeU…but remind me if I forget.

I’ve got Wattbike in our home gym…it knocks spots off standard gym bikes, but pricey of course at c£2,200 but worth it for the regular use it gets, especially in winter when proper bike is too cold, or requires too much dressing up…

Def best to know you actually going to use, and continually use, a machine such as you propose. We have considered Zero8 running machine as it’s non-weight bearing which would be useful for me as I had two prolapsed discs some years ago and told not to run on hard surface again. Expensive.

Damn it @Zero4 - I only clicked on this post to see if you’d let it slip here!

I am a c###; but not quite THAT stupid! Have another guess @TommyD ! Still free…

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I’d prefer some type of a bike because it’s a bit lighter on the knees but my wife is set on a treadmill. It’s something along the lines of, I want a bike, she wants a treadmill, so we’ll compromise and get a treadmill.


You can a decent treadmill 2nd hand for £100 on gumtree, sometimes even less.

And even a decent electric exercise bike for similar. And basic ones for next to nothing.

If it’s about burning calories, it doesn’t have to be expensive stuff.

Hello! With the start of the quarantine, I was thinking about a home gym. I chose exercise equipment, which allows me to train different muscle groups. It all depends on your goals. The treadmill is also good.