WWE fans



Any WWE fans here???


Only old school.

Not a fan of the new age Raw or Smackdown

Bring back Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior Superfly Jimmy Snuka any day


Haha fair enough - met Hogan…

I’ve never grown up watching these guys so don’t have too much appreciation for them unfortunately.

nice to hear from you @alanmonks2010


Oh yes , but it’s nothing like the old days , the 80s 90s attitude era was the bomb , it’s very samey in today’s pg era


Yes! Yes! Yep!


Nice! Excited about Rumble??


Not as good as it used to be, last couple of years been pretty poor. Avin some old timers make a cameo is wat the rumble was about


25th anniversary show then royal rumble. Good January lined up.


Yeah like @Greenballs says, 25th anniversary of Raw in 2 weeks, then rumble might do something good for you! #Nostalgia


Fan of the old skool, but still follow it here and there, albeit not as much as back in the day.

Loved the Jinder Mahal championship run… he was rubbish though! Haha

Met MVP and Gail Kim… not sure that’s anything worth talking about…



Agree RE Jinder - being a british indian, I loved it! haha.

Met Gail Kim too and tons of others!


I love to watch WWE whenever I am at home.


Not watched it as much recently but getting back in the mood now Wrestlemania is around the corner.


Nah. Bring back Mick McManus, Vic Faulkner, Jimmy Brakes, and Kendo Nagasaki


Haven’t watched it since the rumble but yeah I’m a fan! Can’t beat going to see it live!


Indeed. I`m at raw and smackdown in london this year for like the 5th year in a row


Do watch it but like new Japan aswell


fair enough mate. WWE is all I can handle - Id like to watch NXT too but time just gets the better of me.... Ill try and download Raw to watch while I work out before my MVF game tonight lol


Also… for any one that gets WWE tshirts, I`d love to be able to fit nicely into a ‘large’ sized t shirt because they make you look proper muscular lollll. I have some pics in large and it sticks over my stomach horribly… XL is just too baggy like the american sizes!


They’re having a surprise one off event in the 02 on August 29th.

If anyone’s got the money, they’re doing a 50 man Royal Rumble on April 29th in Saudi Arabia. All the big stars will be there otherwise they won’t be able to come go with 50 participants!