WWE fans



Not heard about the o2 event?

Yeah that’s crazy about saudi lol. Novelty of royal rumble should not be compromised IMO though!!!


More about it here on their site https://www.wwe.com/amp/worldwide/article/wwe-live-london-england-august-2018


Nice one cheers mate. I`m not a fan of live shows lol. But yeah thanks for sharing!


I love to watch WWE all the time. Much interesting.


good stuff!


Thank you!


Something to inspire us all…

funnily enough I still believe I put on weight in year 4 as a kid trying to be like this guy and now… I`m like trying to trim down like him lol


Both of the person I like most.


Got into a medium size WWE t shirt yday. Bearing in mind it’s an american t-shirt/size, I can’t get too excited just yet! I have slowly worked my way to getting back into large Size WWE t shirts. So it’s looking positive…

Here’s my medium t shirt. Don’t I look… GLORIOUS!!! lol