Xmas blues

I’ve just had my first weigh in after Xmas and I’m absolutely disgusted in myself! I decided to have an early Xmas break and I have definitely over done it. ReGaining almost all the weight I have lost over the last two years.

I’ve been injured for the past 4-5 months after tearing ligaments in my foot and numerous failed steroid injections and physiotherapy I have now been referred to a foot specialist for potential surgery.

I’m posting in here in the hope that the support network can help to get my mind back in the game and get me back on the losing streak.


Injury and illness can be a real setback. I lost 20KG and kept 15KD off it off for three years. I just weighed in after Xmas and I am now just 4kg lighter than my heaviest

First off - don’t dispare you did it once you can do it again. Focus on what you are eating and join another 30 day group.

I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis last year which really is the cause of my set back. I have just joined a group

Hey man, let’s just get right back on that wagon & do it together!

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Hi steve,

First step is that you have acknowledged it, next is to draw a line under it and set a target for easter and take action and get yourself and the team motivated. You have done it before and can certainly do it again. Inaction will just make you go further backwards. Find a exercise you can do and go for it.


Thank you for all of your support. A week on from this post and a 2.4kg loss. Worked hard this week and got the result I wanted. Onto next week

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Well done, it’s a good loss.

Perhaps look into finding a sport injury person to help you through the injury? I find that doctors will give different advice compared to a sport injury doctor. Doctors will tend to just say “Let the injured part heal and not use it”, while a sports doctor might point you into ways to work around the injury.

Either way I sympathize. I’ve been running into similar issues. I biked all summer using a recumbent bicycle which is great for fat guys. Then in the winter I had to switch to a stationary which of course ended up injuring my testicles. So then switched to jump rope, which hurt my back. Now I’m using a single stair for an aerobic exercise which so far seems to be working.


3 weeks from this post and I’ve lost a total of 5.4kg. Dry January has definitely been a benefit in making lots of better choices and I’ve got my head back in the game.

Appreciate the support lads!

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