Any interest shown in a York lead so far? How do I update my picture so can work towards 30day challenge?


Hi @Hebbron25 - York League is on 11 players currently:- https://www.manvfatfootball.org/york

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How many players are needed for a league to be formed?

We need a minimum of 30 players before we can set up a partnership.

Any update on number of players the york league is currently on ??

Hi James, still not hit 30 players yet for York.

To boost your league’s numbers, I recommend reading this forum post - How can I help bring MAN v FAT Football to my area?

Also, here’s some flyers and posters you can use in your local area! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gkyam0kn9oe41xn/AACGR93ANHiPo17n9_tQdDg4a/Posters%20and%20flyers%20to%20share!?dl=0

Anyone else from York on here?

Have we any update on the number of registered players for a York league?


Hey man, I’m signed up to the York one and have been for quite a while (since 2018), thought I’d have a look and saw this. Had an email saying the York league didn’t get enough players in time, but it starts up again in September . Have you had anymore info on this? Tbh I’m just glad I’ve found someone else for the York one

Just joined the York League myself, hope we can get started pretty soon!